The Haunted Dream of Christopher Darden…


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Prosecutor Chris Darden is not only convinced that O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman – he claims he knows just how The Juice did it!

In his riveting new book, In Contempt, Darden defiantly recreates the events of that June night two years ago in haunting detail based on the overwhelming evidence collected by the prosecution – but ignored by the jury.

Among the most damning pieces of proof, he believes, are the shocking crime scene photos, which told the dedicated prosecutor about the motive for murder.

“To murder someone with a knife,” he says, “is to make the killing personal. It was as if the man who did this wanted her to know it was him.”

The bloody images of Ron and Nicole continue to haunt Darden. “I could see exactly how it happened,” Darden writes. “Every time I see it, I want to tell him I can see inside his heart and I know what happened.”

Globe Magazine (April 2 1996)

“…. You grabbed her by the hair and pulled her hair back, put the knife to her throat, and drew it back toward yourself, cutting all the way to her spine. You damn near cut her head off. It was freeing and painful at the same time wasn’t it?

“But it wasn’t quite like your dreams. It was messier and harder. At night – when your lawyers aren’t around t convince the world that you didn’t do it – I’ll bet you ache a little bit.”

While Darden says he has no hatred for Simpson, he does admit that he wished the disgraced gridiron great had killed himself during the infamous Bronco chase. “That would probably have been the honorable thing to do,” Darden says.

Globe Magazine (April 2 1996)

Christopher Darden and the Contemptible Truth! Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

Getting Away With Murder! Kato Speaks…


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Kato Kaelin testified in his deposition that Nicole once told him she knew O.J. Simpson would murder her someday. And she thought her end would come this way: He would stab her to death with a pair of scissors.

Kato says Nicole poured her heart out to him for hours about O.J.’s jealousy of other men, the beatings she took from him, their thunderous fights – and most of all her terrifying fear of the onetime gridrion great.

The most shocking moment came when Nicole suddenly predicted that O.J. would someday kill her – and he’d get away with it.

Kato says Nicole also talked extensively about the beatings and abuse she received at the hands of O.J. – including the most publicized one on New Year’s Day, 1989.

“She said she got pushed around and hit… in the face wit his hand. She got bruised up and something was fractured. I think she fractured part of her head. When the police came, “Nicole said she was in her underwear and bra. The cop gave her a coat and she said “O’J’s beating me” and “Don’t let him off.” The cops said it was O.J. Simpson… they didn’t want to take him in.”

Kato said he believed Nicole went to the hospital with a fractured skull. But she was too embarrassed to tell the doctor that it was caused by a beating. “She said she got it from a fall,” Kato reported.

A Life in Headlines (March 5 1996) 2937x2665

On another occasion, when she was pregnant with Sydney, she caught O.J. in the guest house with another woman.

Kato said there was a big fight about that but he didn’t know if there was a beating. He added that Nicole told him that O.J. verbally abused her when she was pregnant. “You’re fat, and I think you’re looking like a pig,” he said.

When O.J. and Nicole attempted a reconciliation in the spring of 1993, Nicole confided to Kato that she still feared for her safety.

Star Magazine (March 5 1996)

Willing the Way Towards the Truth!


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Outspoken Geraldo Rivera – who almost from the outset was convinced that O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman – is appalled and outraged by Simpson’s new 2 hour video.

Geraldo who hosts two hit television shows Rivera Live on CNBC, and his syndicated Geraldo daytime talk audience program, tells what he thinks of the video. CNBC refused to air commercials for the video, but offered Simpson free time with Geraldo. So far there’s been no response, but Geraldo has 10 key questions he would love to ask O.J.

The toll-free number they had for O.J.’s new video was 1-800-O.J. TELLS but is should be 1-800-O.J. LIES, and I can prove it.

First of all, there are many glaring inconsistencies in O.J. Simpson’s lame explanations of what he was doing the night of the murders. He clearly has no alibi, the time line doesn’t make sense and he can’t keep his stories straight. I will gladly welcome an interview with O.J., but you can bet it would be a real interview and not that puff and scripted banter he uses in his new video.

I’d set the tone very early. I’d fire right into him and not let up, and the first questions I’d ask O.J. are:

How does it feel to get away with murder?

How did your blood get to the crime scene at Bundy before the investigators drew any blood from you?

A Life in Headlines (January 30 1996)

After bombarding O.J. with a series of tough questions he’d be on the ropes, so taken aback that he’d never recover. Of course, I would continue…

I don’t buy his “I was searching for a sand wedge” nonsense. From family sources I have talked to, and from his own mouth on numerous occasions, we know that O.J. is a fanatically neat, clean, organized and meticulous person, who demands to know where everything is at all times.

Take Nicole for example: When she was alive, he was so obsessed with her whereabouts, even after their divorce, that he was stalking her. I seriously doubt he spent an hour and 20 minutes looking for a misplaced golf club in the dark.

O.J.’s very set in his “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it” mode. But the more that comes out, the more people will realize that O.J. Simpson is not telling the truth and is, therefore, guilty of the gruesome and tragic deaths of two wonderful people. O.J. is in a state of desperation because he so badly wants to be accepted.

To his other crimes, the bottom line is that O.J. lies.

Star Magazine (January 30 1996)

A Last Testament Toward Independence… Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

Ask Me No Questions…


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It’s true that Eugene ‘Mercury’ Morris had a telephone conversation with O.J.” says Ray Castro “And O.J. did tell him he was there at the murder scene.”

Mercury says the surprise call came in mid-December at his Miami home. “This was only the second time I’d spoken to him since he got out of jail,” says Mercury. “He was with Al Cowlings when he called. At first we spoke about how things were going and O.J. replied: “Better than they were this time last year.’”

A Life in Headlines (January 23 1996)

As they talked, claims Mercury, Simpson dropped his bombshell. Morris says he tried to press him for more details, but the football Hall of Famer backed off.

“He said it would all come out at a later date, but there were a lot of things I wanted to ask him because there’s never been a valid explanation by O.J. as to what happened that night at Nicole’s condo.

“I tried to ask him about his children. Why didn’t he go upstairs to see if his kids were okay? He’s just found his wife and some guy dead and he runs away without checking on his kids. That just doesn’t make sense. You’d think he’d be worried about his kids. All he said was he panicked. He ran.”

Globe Magazine (January 23 1996)

Another Earth Shattering Disclosure… Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

A Heinous Act and the Search for Revenge…


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A source close to both Nicole and O.J. told GLOBE: “Don’t be surprised that O.J.’s sworn to get even with Faye and Denise. He wants revenge. He blames Faye for messing with Nicole’s mind. He says: ‘If she hadn’t wormed her way into Nicole’s life, we’d still be together.’

Faye’s first book on Nicole, Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, firmly pinpointed an obsessively jealous O.J. as the double killer.

In her latest book, she says O.J. kept his promise – and killed Nicole. Faye says after the murders, she talked to Nicole’s neighbor, Dr. Ron Fischman, about O.J.’s mood at Sydney’s recital. “I said: ‘Ron, what happened that night?’ He told me that O.J.’s exact words were: ‘I’m not finished with (Nicole). I’m gonna get her, but good.’

“He said he would murder Nicole and he did. He said he’d get away with it, and he did by directing the defense team to dig up any scandal and put up any kind of smoke screen that might divert attention from his heinous act.”

A Life in Headlines (January 2 1996)

Referring to handwritten notes in which Nicole outlined vicious beatings she suffered at O.J.’s hands, Resnick adds: “Nicole really called it. She thought she was protecting herself by documenting the abuse.

“But she neglected to do the one thing that could have saved her. She did not get away from O.J. before it was too late.”

Globe Magazine (January 2 1996)

Just One More Murderous Threat! Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

Getting Away With ‘It’… Part Two


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A SECOND witness has now stepped forward, claiming Kato Kaelin told him that he helped O.J. Simpson dispose of bloody clothing.

Jill Shively, 32, testified before the grand jury investigating the double murders. But she was never called to testify during the trial.

She reportedly told the grand jury that she was driving a few blocks from Nicole’s condo the night of the murders.

At 10.50p.m., Shively said, she nearly collided with O.J.’s speeding Bronco when it ran a red light.

“O.J. was inches away from me,” she said. “His eyes were like a madman’s. He waved his arms and screamed: ‘Move! Get out of my way!’”

A Life in Headlines (November 14 1995)

O.J.’s next-door neighbor, Marta Salinger, has her own theory about O.J. Simpson.

Vanity Fair magazine writer Dominick Dunne reports that Salinger and her husband believe that the only way Simpson could have avoided being seen by the limo driver that night was to come onto their property – and climb a tree to get over the fence.

Dunne says it would have been easy for O.J. to drop down near the air conditioner outside Kato’s room.

Former prosecutor Peter Levin adds: “Kato is a major key to the whole murder. A lot of people suspect he knows more than came out in the trial.”

The National Examiner (November 14 1995)

Getting Away With ‘It’… Part One (Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson)

A Hostage to Fortune…


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A tormented Nicole Brown poured her heart out to O.J. Simpson in a series of secret love letters that STAR is revealing for the first time. In the haunting collection, written in the years between the couple’s 1992 divorce and her murder last year, Nicole tells the man who abused and beat her that “I know nobody will ever love me the way that you do.”

But Simpson never saw the letters – because the anguished beauty never showed them to anyone.

“Nicole wrote them as a form of therapy for herself,” a source tells STAR. “She was trying to work through her feelings – good and bad – for O.J. and she just needed to put some things down on paper.”

A Life in Headlines (November 7 1995)

In another revealing love letter that O.J. never read, Nicole even apologized to him, saying: “I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you…

“Please let us be a family again, and let me love you – better than I ever have before,” she begs. “I’ll love you forever and always.”

“I want to put our family back together! I want our kids to grow up with their parents. I thought I’d be happy raising Sydney and Justin by myself – since we didn’t see too much of you anyway…”

At one point, the sad beauty even tried to lure O.J. back by appearing at his house clad in a sundress. “I want to come home,” she told him.

But Simpson used more than one weapon to control Nicole – besides his fists, he had his considerable wealth.

After their divorce, it was Nicole and the children who were forced to move out of the family home at Rockingham – not Simpson.

According to their divorce papers, Nicole even admitted she had no income other than what he gave her. And even after they officially broke up, Simpson continued to hold sway over her financially. In fact, Nicole lost out on $500 a month rent after O.J. told Kato Kaelin that he didn’t want him living at her guesthouse on Gretna Green any longer.

“His actions succeeded in simultaneously removing a potential rival for Nicole’s affections and taking money out of her pockets,” says a source.

And just one month before she was brutally murdered, Simpson threatened to tell the IRS that she had lied when she told them she was renting out the condo on Bundy, thereby saving herself thousands of dollars in taxes on the sale of her rental property in San Francisco…

But no matter how hard she tried, Nicole just couldn’t break free.

“O.J. was addicted to Nicole and wanted to control her in every way,” says Beverly Hills relationship counselor Linda Tatum. “There’s something seductive for a woman to have that effect on a man.

“Yet in the end, she had no power at all.”

Star Magazine (November 7 1995)

Blame the Victim! The Story of Nicole Brown Simpson Continues… 

A Poignant Record of a Beating…


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Nicole recorded several violent beatings in her haunting diary – and these chilling entries cover the years from 1978 until the couple’s divorce in 1992. Dominique called the tragic log the “hit list.”

“I didn’t know about any of these beatings when they were going on,” and outraged Dominique told The ENQUIRER.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about them until after her death. Since then, people who were friends with O.J. and Nicole have told me all about the hellish abuse she endured at the hands of O.J.”

1978: 1st time after Louis & Nunie Marx anniversary party. Street corner of N.Y., 5th Ave. again Sherry Netherland, 80′s-90′s Called Mother Whore hit me while f****** me.

“This was Nicole’s first documented instance of abuse at the hands of O.J.”, said Dominique. “It took place when they attended an anniversary party for friends Louis and Nunie Marx on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and got into fight outside the couple’s condo.

“O.J. yelled at Nicole, berating her and calling mother a whore. Later that night, O.J. beat Nicole while he had sex with her: If she had left him after that first incident, she’d still be alive today.”

National Enquirer October 31 1995 (2)

1988 Hawaii X-mas. gay man Kissed Justin, threw me against wall threw me on floor. Bruises Window scared me.

O.J. and Nicole spent Christmas 1988 in Hawaii with her family.

“Their son Justin was only four months old at the time,” said Dominique. “Nicole was carrying him in her arms when she stopped to talk with a man, who innocently kissed baby Justin on the top of the head. O.J. became infuriated.

“When he and Nicole got back into their hotel room, he threw a fit. O.J. accused Nicole of endangering their baby by allowing a gay man to kiss Justin.”

The National Enquirer (October 31 1995)

*Nicole’s spelling and punctuation remains unchanged*

National Enquirer October 31 1995

The Impossible Dream of Nicole Brown Simpson The Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson

‘So Let’s Accept Life As It Is’ Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

‘You’ve Got It Coming…’


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O.J. came to pick up kids at 8.30 p.m. they wanted to stay home cuz I let them organize sleep overs at last minute – thought Daddy wasn’t coming – told O.J. I’d drop them off 1st thing in the a.m.

He said OK then…

National Enquirer October 24 1995 (2)

“You hang up on me last nite, you’re gonna pay for this bitch, you’re holding money from the IRS, you’re going to jail you f—–g c–t. You think you can do any f—–g thing you want, you’ve got it comming  - I’ve already talked to my lawyers about this bitch – they’ll get you for tax evasion bitch. I’ll see to it. You’re not gonna have a f—–g dime left, bitch “etc”

Friday June 3 1994

*Nicole’s spelling and punctuation remains unchanged*

National Enquirer October 24 1995

When we showed the pages to Nicole’s father, Lou Brown, he was shocked that we had been able to track them down.

“That is her personal diary that she kept at her condo,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion. “This is definitely Nicole’s hand-writing.” Returning the document with trembling hands, he refused further comment.

But Nicole’s writings say more about her tortured life than anyone ever could…

Added Dr. Lynn M. Appleton, a Florida Atlantic University sociology professor and expert on domestic violence, “Nicole’s heartbreaking story is typical of what thousands of women suffer every day in America.

“She left behind a testament that will give a battered women a new voice in the battle against domestic violence.”

Alan Butterfield The National Enquirer (October 25 1995)

‘I Wanted So To Be a Good Wife’ Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

The Poignant Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson’s Diary The Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson

A Day to Remember!


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The night before the verdict, the Browns had tried desperately to keep the kids’ home life as possible, said the insider.

“When bedtime came, Sydney and Justin kneeled by their beds with their grandmother and said the Lord’s Prayer like they always do at night. They asked God to bless their mommy.

A Life in Headlines (October 17 1995)

Once the children were asleep, the Browns lit candles around their small home shrine to Nicole. Every family member’s stomach was “tied in knots” as they contemplated the next day’s verdict, said the insider.

“When the verdict came down, the Browns were in shock – they were almost speechless.

“They controlled their anger in front of the children. But when the kids were out of sight, the Browns broke down and cried buckets of tears.

Added the insider: “The Browns didn’t think they could be as sad as the day they heard the news of their daughter’s murder. But the day O.J. was acquitted will be a day they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

The National Enquirer (October 17 1995)

Forgiven and Forgot? Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson


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