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The autopsy pictures of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are so shocking that Judge Lance Ito refuses to allow the public to see them.

But based on the details spelled out in Deputy Coroner Irwin’s report,  GLOBE has pieced together – blow by blow – how the victims were slain.

A Life in Headlines (March 14 1995)

Experts believe that Nicole was killed first, likely ambushed from hiding before she realized what was happening.

Experts theorize that Nicole’s assassin – or assassins – were surprised by Goldman’s unexpected arrival and tried to dispatch him the same way Nicole was slaughtered.

But Goldman fought back with far more strength than Nicole was able to muster.

Although Judge Ito will not allow the public to see the starkly revealing autopsy pictures of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, they are certain to have a staggering impact on the jury when they are shown in court.

“A single picture is worth a thousand words,” says one veteran trial watcher. “The photos are so savage that some jurors are likely to be sickened by them.”

Globe Magazine (March 14 1995)

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