“Drop Dead Gorgeous!”

This house is the scene of the most sensational crime of the decade.

Minutes before midnight on Sunday, June 12, two neighbors found the savaged bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, lying in “a river of blood” near the entrance way…

Number 875 South Bundy Drive, in the Brentwood section of of Los Angeles, had become Nicole’s House of Death.

Before it became America’s most notorious murder site, the townhouse made a comfortable home for Nicole and the kids…

Nicole bought the Mediterranean-style condo in January of this year for $625,000. Nestled among the palm trees and bushes, it’s barely visible from the street…

But one of her favorite features was the town-home’s privacy.

To approach the front door, visitors had to use an intercom entry system located at the top of a flight of stairs in front of the metal security gate…

Nicole had put the condo up for rent shortly before she died, hoping to escape from her possessive and abusive ex-husband’s clutches.

The unit was listed for $4,800 a month on June 9 – just three days before her death.

And in a chilling twist of fate, the ad listing the property described it as “drop dead gorgeous.”

Globe Magazine (August 16 1994)


#RecollectNicole! “Remembering is Easy. It's Forgetting that's Hard.” ‪~ ‎Brodi Ashton‬

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