‘A Gilded Prison’

Simpson, who celebrated his 48th birthday on July 9, need never worry about having his privacy spoiled by guards, says Amundson. “They’ve installed a black curtain over a section of glass that overlooks his cell from the guard area. That gives him greater privacy than any other prisoner in the place.

“O.J. loves to eat, and although jailhouse cooking is basic, he never goes hungry. Often he gets double helpings of meals. Each prisoner is meant to receive the same amount of food, but O.J. is the only one on the jail’s special diet list who gets double portions…

And there’s always a phone for his personal use. “It’s on rollers and stands outside his cell,” says Amundson. “It’s available to him at all times. O.J. spends hours on the phone. Other inmates get only 30 minutes every other day, but O.J. talks whenever he wants and for as long as he wishes. He calls his attorneys, his girlfriends and, of course, his kids.

“When O.J. isn’t on the phone, he kicks back and watches his TV – any time day or night. The other prisoners are told they’re lucky to get one hour a day of TV, then they have to watch it in a room with 15 other guys.

“O.J. loves his TV and the guards bend over backwards to satisfy his every whim. But he got bored with regular TV and demanded more choices. So the guards ran a wire from a video player attached to the TV in their office – and now O.J. can watch any video he wants. Recently he saw Forrest Gump and a murder mystery. One day I heard O.J. tell a guard, ‘Go put a tape in for me.'”

A Life in Headlines (August 1 1995)

Simpson’s cell is crammed with magazines says Amundson. “He has subscriptions to all the top mags – GQ, Newsweek, Time etc. Once, I saw O.J. reading Playboy, but when he saw me approach, he hid it under his bed.

“And his bed is one of the most comfortable in the jail. He has two pillows, two sheets and two blankets. Some prisoners don’t even have a pillow….

No one is allowed to look at him. When he’s being marched along corridors to and from his cell, the guards order other prisoners to turn and face the wall. If O.J. spots an inmate staring at him, he snaps, ‘What are you looking at?’ Mostly, though, O.J. is surprisingly relaxed. It’s like he feels he’s in a five-star hotel.”

National Enquirer Magazine (August 1 1995)


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