The Emergence of the Elusive Mrs Simpson…

For sixty years, whenever the name “Mrs Simpson” was mentioned, it belonged, irrevocably, to Wallis Warfield Simpson, the lady from Baltimore for whom King Edward VIII gave up his throne in 1936 and shook the British monarchy to its roots.

No longer. Now the name belongs, irrevocably, to the tragic and beautiful Nicole Brown Simpson of Brentwood, California, whose dreadful death on the night of Sunday, June 12, 1994, along with that of her friend Ron Goldman, has riveted this country for nine months. The nastiness of how she died and where she fell is the reason that gaze of the country is focused on a courtroom in downtown Los Angeles.

O.J. and Nicole Simpson were constantly photographed in happy poses, belying the truth of their real relationship. Has there ever been a murder case where there are more photographs and videotapes of the victim and the alleged killer?

New images appear almost daily in tabloids and magazines. In them, their lives look so enviable, so glamorous. They are always at wonderful parties in wonderful clothes, smiling and waving, or on wonderful trips, or at wonderful beaches, or gazing into each other’s eyes, or kissing each other, exuding sexuality. How perfect it looked. How rotten it was.

When he gets this crazed, I get scared… He gets a very animalistic look in him. All his veins pop out. His eyes are black, just black, I mean cold, like an animal.

Nicole Simpson to police who responded to her 911 call after O.J. Simpson kicked in her door.

Cici Shahian has two great friends, who were also great friends of Nicole’s, Robin Greer and the famous Faye Resnick, who wrote Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, the memoir that became a best-seller, although the Brown family has steadfastly withheld its endorsement of it.

One night Shahian invited me to have dinner with the three of them at her new apartment in a building in Beverly Hills where I lived in the ’70s. It was a strange feeling to look across the courtyard into my old apartment.

It was Shahian’s first dinner party in the new apartment, and she had hostess jitters, because she didn’t think her new stove was working properly. It worked fine. The lasagna was great. There was a fire in the fireplace, candles on the table, and candles on the mantel. We had a wonderful time.

All three ladies really loved Nicole. She was their friend, and they miss her. They laughed talking about her. They cried talking about her. They said that she always felt that she was unimportant, that she lived in O.J.’s shadow. He was always the star, the center of the universe.

Sometimes they forgot I was there and just talked among themselves, all speaking at the same time in louder and louder voices, understanding one another in the way that friends do.

Recollect Nicole Brown Simpson (

Nicole, who had seemed elusive to me – a beautiful face with wary eyes in a vast array of photographs – began to emerge as a person.

They said she used to say “Hi, guys” every time she would meet up with them. All of them mimicked the sound of her voice and the wave of her hand as she said that.

They all said that Nicole knew that O.J. was going to kill her. She had told each one of them. It is a fact that haunts them all.

Dominick Dunne JUSTICE Crimes, Trials and Punishments (New York: Crown Publishers 2001)

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The Fearlessness of Truth…

There is always a yin and yang to things. Someone I know who has access to defense information told me in the corridor during a break that the defense really believes it’s going to win this case. “They think the autopsy photographs are going to work in their favor,” this person said.

“They’re going to bring in expert witnesses who are going to say that this could only be the work of a professional killer from a Colombian drug cartel, not a man like O.J. Simpson.”

Vanity Fair (August 1995)

Faye Resnick has been subpoenaed by the defense and, like Kato Kaelin, will surely be declared a hostile witness. She has been told to appear on July 3, which happens to be her birthday, and she is very nervous at the prospect. Evidently the defense is going to try to fit her right into the Colombian-drug-cartel scenario.

The defense indicated early in the proceedings that the Colombians were after her, not Nicole.

What surprises one about Faye Resnick is how bright she is. And fearless. I don’t think she’s going to be the pushover the defense is expecting. She knows a lot about O.J. and drugs. She told me that she had taken drugs with him. She’d think nothing of spilling the beans on the stand if the defense got rough with her.

She knows full well that Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman weren’t murdered by a Colombian drug cartel who thought they were killing her because she owed them money. I’ve seen Resnick roar with laughter at that idea.

Letter from Los Angeles by Dominick Dunne for Vanity Fair (August 1995)

“Those Who have Committed Crimes like These, It ill Behooves them to Complain of the Carnage they Leave.”  Appalling to Behold… Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson

Trust Me! The Denials of Al Cowlings…

According to a report, porn actress Jennifer Peace claimed Cowlings revealed bombshell information during a night of lovemaking with her several days after the murders.

The actress claims Cowlings talked about the murder weapon, explaining: “Trust me, they’ll never find it. It’s in the water somewhere.” He also reportedly told her: “O.J. called me the night of the murders – hysterical, freaking out. He kept saying over and over: ‘I didn’t mean to do it. I’ve done something terrible. I didn’t mean for things to turn out this way.'”

Cowlings denied making statements to Peace. But, says Levin, Brown and Simpson family attorneys will now ask him point-blank about Simpson, the confession and the knife, not just about conversations with the porn star.

National Examiner (June 18 1996)

Cowlings refused to answer deposition questions about why he and fellow O.J. buddy Robert Kardashian tore apart Simpson’s golf bag, looking for possible clues.

O.J. prosecutor Chris Darden has suggested that O.J. could have taken the knife to Chicago in that bag.

And Faye Resnick, Nicole’s best friend, claims Cowlings KNEW O.J. got rid of the knife using his golf bag. “He should have the guts to tell the truth,” Resnick says…

The National Examiner (June 18 1996)

Remembering Nicole Brown…

On Sunday June 12 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson became a public figure overnight for on that balmy Sunday evening she was senselessly and brutally murdered in the grounds of her home at 875 South Bundy Drive in the leafy suburb of Brentwood in California.

Her murder trial and that of her friend Ronald Lyle Goldman who had been murdered alongside her became known as the “Trial of the Century” with her former husband Orenthal James Simpson as the accused.

It is hard to believe that Nicole was murdered over twenty years ago, I can remember the BBC news reports and the iconic photographs of the bloody pathway lined with purple and lilac Agapanthus…

The Gate of 875 South Bundy Drive on Monday June 13 1994 (

I also remember the farcical “Bronco Chase”, the sensational headlines week after week in The National Enquirer, the court testimony of Mark Fuhrman and the shock of the “Not Guilty” verdict the following year.

And yet what I most recall is the realisation of a grotesque dichotomy that despite the voluminous photographs of a beautiful and happy Nicole that she had in fact been abused by Simpson throughout most of their seventeen year relationship.

The first book that I ever bought about Nicole was in the Autumn of 1994 and written by her friend Faye Resnick  Nicole Brown Simpson: A Private Diary of a Life Interrupted and I am still reading about her.

She was the subject of my Thesis in 1999 and remains the purpose for my work ever since.

There are literally hundreds of books that have been written about the life of Nicole and of her life with Simpson and the tales of glamour, celebrity, wealth and beauty have frequently made her appear remote, abstract and insignificant.

Yet it is the very tragedy of her early death that makes her life a compelling human story of hope, love, obsession and betrayal and that is why I choose to remember her…

Tee Bylo

A Heinous Act and the Search for Revenge…

A source close to both Nicole and O.J. told GLOBE: “Don’t be surprised that O.J.’s sworn to get even with Faye and Denise. He wants revenge. He blames Faye for messing with Nicole’s mind. He says: ‘If she hadn’t wormed her way into Nicole’s life, we’d still be together.’

Faye’s first book on Nicole, Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, firmly pinpointed an obsessively jealous O.J. as the double killer.

In her latest book, she says O.J. kept his promise – and killed Nicole. Faye says after the murders, she talked to Nicole’s neighbor, Dr. Ron Fischman, about O.J.’s mood at Sydney’s recital. “I said: ‘Ron, what happened that night?’ He told me that O.J.’s exact words were: ‘I’m not finished with (Nicole). I’m gonna get her, but good.’

“He said he would murder Nicole and he did. He said he’d get away with it, and he did by directing the defense team to dig up any scandal and put up any kind of smoke screen that might divert attention from his heinous act.”

A Life in Headlines (January 2 1996)

Referring to handwritten notes in which Nicole outlined vicious beatings she suffered at O.J.’s hands, Resnick adds: “Nicole really called it. She thought she was protecting herself by documenting the abuse.

“But she neglected to do the one thing that could have saved her. She did not get away from O.J. before it was too late.”

Globe Magazine (January 2 1996)

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Just A Normal, Everyday Family…

Still, the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation, founded December 6, 1994, by the Brown family, has accepted donations from some high-profile people who have questionable records regarding the treatment of women.

Dove Audio, the publisher of Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick’s sensational tell-all, The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, pledged $10,000. And No Excuses, the jeans maker that uses high-profile “other women” to promote its product, pledged $50,000.

The Nicole Foundation was originally intended to be a lasting memorial to the family’s lost loved one. Denise Brown, 38, launched the Foundation to much fanfare at the Rainbow Room in New York City.

Denise Brown (The Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation)

Initially, the Foundation seemed a success. In December 1994 alone, the Foundation raised $153,888. But Denise Brown estimates that this year only $50,000 has been raised so far.

Denise Brown has been the target of everyone from dismissed juror Jeanette Harris – who accused her of acting on the stand – to the tabloid press, who have followed her around the country, exposing her penchant for partying.

Denise says, “If people would just get to know me, I’m not a bad person. I’m just a normal, everyday person, and people want to rip a normal, everyday person apart.”

Some may believe that the families are the only victims left in the wake of the tragedy, but, throughout the whole ordeal, both families made it clear that they will not be defeated, nor will they adopt a victim’s attitude.

The Goldmans, through their quiet resilience, and the Browns, through the legacy of the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation, are leaving a loving memory to the true victims of the “trial of the century.”

Suzanne Ely O.J. Simpson Trial of the Century (LFP Inc 1995)

A Family Forever Changed (Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson)

Denise Brown and the Truth About Nicole…

The subject of Faye Resnick arises during my conversation with Denise. Nicole, according to her sister, was incapable of seeing the liars and the users who were around her, especially at the end of her life.

Denise insists she has not read Resnick’s memoir, but is there anyone in America who is unfamiliar with the sound bites?

According to Denise, Faye Resnick was a minor and unpredictable figure in her sister’s life. “I met her for the first time at Nicole’s funeral. She evidently knows me very well. I don’t know her!

“She came to our beach club one time to drop her daughter off for Justin’s birthday party. She never said she was working on a book. We had no idea.”

On the flyleaf, there is a notice: “A portion of the proceeds from this book will go into a trust fund for the children of Nicole Brown Simpson.” According to Denise, “Faye sent one check, once. And now she wants the check back. She said her publisher made a mistake and made it out to the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation.

“You know how we got that check? I don’t know what newspaper it was, but someone called us and said, ‘Have you seen one check from Faye Resnick?’ I said ‘No, we haven’t seen a penny yet. But we read about it! The book was published on October 17, Sydney’s birthday!’ Well, that was in the paper, and the next day we had a check for $10.000.

Denise Brown

“There are so many of Nicole’s friends who feel they have to leave the country or kill themselves because of Nicole. They feel like they can’t just get on with their lives because of Nicole, and yet the family is pulling through.

“I mean, if somebody is going to be an emotional wreck, I would think it would be my mother. She just lost a daughter! I would think that if anybody was going to be on Valiums or medication it would be my mother…

“Did you see the movie The O.J. Simpson Story? Thank God, I got a call about it. It portrayed Nicole as the stupidest, ditziest person that I have ever seen. It was not Nicole. I thought, If you had any class at all, you would have made her like the person she is.”

Marie Brenner

Beyond the Courtroom for Vogue Magazine (May 1995)

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