‘A Premonition of Doom’

The marriage of O.J. and Nicole was a rollercoaster ride with his wedding vows – “to be your loving and faithful husband in plenty and in one, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live” – soon becoming a distant memory…

A Life in Headlines (June 27 1995)

Robin Greer, the ex- Falcon Crest actress who’d known O.J. since 1977 and was part of Nicole’s inner circle of friends says: “When O.J. was good to Nicole, he was great. But when he was bad he was truly terrible…”

Gree adds: “It was memories of those good times that kept them together and eventually drove Nicole back to him. She badly wanted it to work not just for herself but for Sydney and Justin. For Nicole, her memories of the good times outweighed the bad – until the very end.”

But on May 22, 1994, Nicole ended the obsessive love that had consumed half her life. She returned to O.J. the diamond-and-sapphire bracelet he’s given her on her 35th birthday three days before. “I can’t be bought,” she told him.

Seemingly driven by a premonition of doom, she’d put her will in order and documented her beatings. She even foresaw the appearance of her $15,000 bracelet on Paula Barbieri’s arm.

And 21 days later, Nicole Brown Simpson was dead…

Star Magazine (June 27 1995)

‘The Happiest Day of My Life’

O.J. Simpson is furiously battling to win control of a poignant video of his wedding to Nicole Brown.

The stunning footage – which shows a young, innocent Nicole and a happy, beaming O.J. – runs for over 3 hours and is now at the center of a multimillion-dollar legal controversy.

Now STAR – through friends of Nicole and industry insiders – has obtained a sneak peak at this extraordinary footage.

It tells the story of the first day of their marriage – a tragic union that ended in divorce seven years later, and that ultimately led to the most sensational murder case in American history.

The video opens with Nicole getting ready on February 2 1985, for the big event at their Brentwood mansion, the same spot where O.J. surrendered to the police after the Bronco freeway chase watched by millions.

Nicole, then 25, looks incredibly young and virginal. She’s dressed in a white bathrobe and slippers with a bunny rabbit motif as she prepares for what she describes with a broad grin as; “The happiest day of my life.”

Star Magazine (November 15 1994)

“That O.J. Simpson guy brought me a lot of pain and heartache – I tried so hard with him – I wanted so to be a good wife. But he never gave me a chance…”

“Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson”